Did you know many people are eating their way into their dream bodies? Ooh yes, there are a couple of simple and readily available foods you could eat to boost your metabolism. When combined and eaten appropriately, these foods would effectively complement your weight loss effort by enhancing the rate at which the body burns down fats and calories.

Different specialists will front different metabolism boosting foods, some of which yield no tangible results. Not so this list. Having researched far and wide and reaching out to our rich experience, we have singled out these foods as the most effective metabolism boosters.

Let’s sample them for you.

White tea and coffee

You may be smiling now because you have been drinking tea and coffee all your life without ever realizing its hidden value. But there you have it, these two are very effective boosters of metabolism.

White tea enhances the rate of lipolysis i.e. the process by which the body converts fats into energy. Moreover, it prevents the formation of new fat cells, a process which when left uninhibited would speed up the accumulation of fats.

Caffeine and catechins in the tea has also been found to significantly increase the rate of metabolism which speeds up the rate at which fats are burned.

Add a cup or two of tea or coffee, whichever is your favorite, to your diet to help you slim.


Berries, whether blueberries, blackberries or raspberries are also a very necessary addition to the metabolism boosting diet. Not only do they increase the rate of metabolism which translates to a higher fat burning rate but also enhance circulation in the body.

Being sweet foods, they are also a good substitute for sweets which are harmful to your body. To crown it all, the berries supply the body with much needed fiber, water and antioxidants. The antioxidants additionally stimulate the body to burn more fats and not store it.

All these benefits come with berries in the diet. It will do you good to include it.

Sweet potatoes

For many people, sweet potato in the diet is not a good idea for one main reason; it’s high carbohydrate levels. The notion that carbohydrates are not good for a metabolism enhancing diet needs to be erased.

Carbohydrates contained in such foods as sweet potatoes is an essential part of a good well balanced diet. Carbohydrate rich food are highly satisfying making you full for longer periods of time. Besides, they metabolize slowly hence does not significantly impact blood sugar levels.

So carbohydrates are not bad after all. With sweet potatoes’ high satisfaction in the diet, you will get full longer and loose the craving for junky foods that could increase fat levels in your body.


A little almond in your diet will do you much good. L-arginine, a semi-essential amino acid found in almonds blocks the formation of new fat cells while at the same time stimulates the body to shed off excess fats. The resultant effect is the reduction in the volume of body fats.


Most of the foods we eat contain lots of sugars and carbohydrates. A small helping of garlic in the diet will help to regulate the sugar levels in the blood. Why is the regulation so important, you may ask.

Well, if the sugars and carbohydrates are not used up by the body as soon as they are ingested, they can be converted into fats and cause a faster accumulation of fats. And that’s what we are running away from, so you better have garlic in your diet.


Pure water or enhanced water like lemon water is very important in this process. Studies have shown that drinking sufficient water and keeping the body hydrated boosts body metabolism by about 24-30%. Though the effect is only temporary lasting between 1-1 ½ hours, it is a much needed enhancement to the metabolism process.

Adding lemon to the water comes with extra benefits. The amino acids contained in the lemon greatly improve the digestive process.


Pepper is not just a spice. Cayenne and chili peppers can greatly augment the volume of calories and fats the body burns in a day.

The increase is due to the presence of a substance called capsaicin in the pepper. The capsaicin stimulates the body to burn fats at a faster rate. Therefore taking about 135-150mg of pepper a day will give you the desired effect.

That’s not all. Capsaicin also reduces appetite, a very important property to keep wanton cravings at bay.


Salmon claims its position in the list owing to the rich presence of omega 3 fatty acids. The fatty acid releases lean proteins which are the building blocks for muscles. So when taken in food, there is a subsequent release of more protein which builds up the muscles fast. And with healthier muscles, the body is able to burn more fats.

Apart from that, the fatty acids also help reduce inflammation.


In addition to nutritional value, eggs have a high metabolism boosting capacity. There are high concentrations of the nutrient choline in eggs. Choline has been observed to prevent the body from forming new fat cells, a feature which contains further accumulation of fats.

With subsequent accumulation prevented, current fat loosing efforts are able to yield faster results. This great benefit for just eating the whole egg (yolk inclusive).


Oysters are also great metabolism boosters. They contain high levels of zinc and irons, two elements which are very crucial for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland a key regulator of metabolism.

When oyster food is consumed, the concentration of the two elements is increased in the body. This results in an increase in metabolism and more fat is shed off.

In addition to that, zinc controls the hormone leptin which is responsible for the regulation of hunger signals. When zinc is low in the body, it signals the body to feel hungry and will prompt one to look for food.

When zinc is present in high levels as in the case when someone eats oyster, an individual feels less hungry and the less likely they will go for food much of which would be starchy and only lead to more accumulation of fats.

If you eat smarter from today your weight loss results become achievable. Add these 10 foods in your diet and track your progress to see which one gives you extra boost. Of course you must combine these foods with gym workout and some natural supplements like Phen24 or PhenQ.


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