What We Like & Dislike About SizeGenetics Extender


  • GREAT Levels Of Comfort
  • RAPID Penis Extension
  • DISCREET Shipping
  • SHIPPING To All Countries In The World
  • USES A Method That Is Medically Tested
  • PERMANENT Results


  • BUY Only Online From SizeGenetics Official Website
  • MUST Be 18 Years Old To Purchase

sizegeneticsRelationships can be very complicated. It even gets more complicated if the man cannot perform in bed. It’s a fact, a man’s performance in bed is largely dependent on the size of his penis. The larger the penis the more likely a woman will be satisfied by the end of the session.

Which girl wants to be with a man who cannot satisfy her sexually? Your guess is as good as mine, NONE.

But let’s face it, not every man is naturally endowed with a large penis. If you are one of them do not feel condemned. There are many men out there grappling with the same challenge.

Good news! It doesn’t have to be a permanent bother. The problem could be alleviated surgically or through use of non-surgical techniques. Surgical correction is complicated, expensive and invasive hence many men opt for the non-surgical methods.

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Non-surgical techniques are quite simple. They are a less invasive and cheaper alternative. With the right equipment and supplements you could actually elongate your penis by a few inches. Sounds good, right.

If you desperate about finding a solution that will help you elongate your penis fast then you may find this helpful. We will focus on non-surgical penis extension with special emphasis on a device called Sizegenetics.

Its manufacturer says it’s a very effective penis extender that elongates the penis quickly and more comfortably that any other. So we conducted an in-depth research to ascertain if it delivers what it promises. The finding is compiled in this SizeGenetics review.

The most powerful penis enlargement device in the market

What Is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a penis extending device. It prides itself of being very effective and is capable of extending the penis by a few inches.

It’s worn over the penis and slowly extends it over a period of time. The extension is done using multi directional angling (MDA) technology. This means the device can be worn at different angles. Moreover, it gives the user liberty to decide how they want to elongate their penis by moving it to the desired position.

The male enhancement product comes in three versions – the SizeGenetics Ultimate System, the Size Genetics Device Only and the SizeGenetics Starter Edition. The choice as we shall see depends on the specific needs of a man.

Apart from penis extension, there are variants that can correct penis curvature. This is medically referred to as peyronies or bent penis syndrome. When straightened the penis amazingly extends by a few inches. How about that.

sizegenetics-before-and-afterHow SizeGenetics Works

Understanding how lifting weights result in growth of muscles could help us appreciate how Size Genetics work as they share the same principle.

When a bodybuilder consistently lifts heavy weights the increased tension strains muscles causing them to stretch. As this happens micro tears and cell duplication occurs throughout the muscles.

When the muscles heal they take new shape. Cells will be larger, more firm and hold more blood than they previously did, which ultimately results in growth of muscles which presents in an enlarged physique.

So with SizeGenetics extender. When attached to the penis it applies a steady but gentle pressure of 2800 grams on the penis. Over time the tension causes cells around the penis to tear and pull away duplicating cells.

When the healing process begins, new cells form making the penis larger. With the larger size, your penis can hold more blood than it previously could making your erections bigger and harder. And needless to say a better sexual experience.

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sizegenetics-reviewBenefits Of Size Genetics

Size Genetics have unique properties not accorded by most of the other penis extenders. Such benefits as: 

  • Great levels of comfort.
  • Rapid penis extension.
  • Enhanced self-esteem and self confidence that comes with bigger penis.
  • Before and after use pics to assure effectiveness.
  • Numerous testimonials.
  • Shipping to all countries in the world.
  • Available in different versions.
  • Recommended by different doctors and surgeons, and is clinically proven.
  • The accompanying exercises control ejaculation and strengthen erections.
  • The process is totally painless.
  • The enlargement is permanent. 

SizeGenetics Usage Instruction

The user instruction is simple and straightforward as such you can do the entire process on your own. A good thing is that each package comes with instructional video in a DVD which in addition to detailed instruction contain tips to enhance your sex life.

Generally the Size Genetic device is to be worn 3-6 hours each day. For the start you may begin with fewer hours and keep increasing the hours progressively. This allows the penis to adjust to the stretches without pain.

The manufacturer advises that different individuals respond differently to the stretch of the device. Some experience penis extension sooner than others. However, if the device is consistently worn for the recommended time periods daily results will show within a few weeks.

The device is very convenient as it does not easily show under the clothes. This allows one wear it as they go about their usual activities without any trouble. But for maximum discreetness wear loose fitting clothes.

Some men even opt to wear the device at night. They argue that it gives them a long period of stillness to wear it undisturbed. Yet if you move a lot while sleeping it may come off and not be very effective, so find another convenient time.

You can find the SizeGenetics at the official sales page Sizegenetics.com. As you place your order you will have three options:

Starter Edition. As the name suggests it’s for individuals who are just starting out. It comes with a SizeGenetics device plus an instructional video. It’s a good point to start out before graduating to the heavy duty options.

Ultimate system. It’s specifically designed for men who want real results fast. And that it does using an assortment of tools: 58 way system to ensure maximum comfort, multi-functional heads, and massive 2.8kg tension for maximum strength.

It also comes with a traction powder and moisturizer cream which further enhance comfort. More to that, you get two DVDs. One with the instructional video and the other a penis health video that details several enhancement exercises to help improve your sex life.

All these housed in a luxury leather case for ease of portability and maximum privacy.

Device only. This package comes with the device, 58 way comfort system and instructional video all housed in a leather case.


sizegenetics-resultspenis-size-geneticssizegenetics-extendersizegenetics-reviewsFinal Verdict

After examining the facts we have to the conclusion Size Genetics works. It’s one of the best if not the best penis extender in the market.

Customers don’t lie, so the positive SizeGenetics reviews and testimonials is a big statement. Besides, before and after photos are boldly displayed. No one does that unless they are sure the product out-delivers the promise.

More to that it is medically proven and endorsed by many doctors. Important too, Size Genetics has a medical device certificate. That means it’s compliant with health standards and fit for use and has no ill effects to the user.



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